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Tree Felling

Felling is the process of cutting down a tree. This should only be done by a qualified arborist or tree surgeon. 

Reasons we may Fell a tree:

1. The tree is dangerous and poses significant risk to the public

2. The tree is diseased or dying

3. The tree is causing damage to a property

4. The tree is growing close to power cables

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Tree Pruning

Pruning usually involves the shortening of branches to make the tree smaller and more attractive. This helps the tree to stay strong and healthy. It is important to prune trees accurately to prevent damaging the tree.

Reasons we may Prune a tree:

1. To reduce a trees vulnerability to wind/storm damage

2. To remove diseased or dying branches

3. To make the tree look more attractive 

4. To allow more sun light to pass through the tree

We are experienced in all aspects of pruning including Crown lifting, Crown Reduction, Crown Thinning and Pollarding. 


Hedge trimming

Trimming hedges promotes growth and health of the hedge, as well as maintaining shape and attractiveness.

Our arborist will happily take on any small domestic garden job involving removal and/or trimming of hedges and shrubs. Approximately 50% of the work we do involves hedge and shrub maintenance. 


Garden Clearance

We have the necessary equipment to removal all unwanted vegetation from your garden, leaving the area clear and ready for future plans. 

All our logs and wood chip are recycled. 

We are also happy to create habitat piles at the clients request. 


Storm Damage

We provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service for all trees which have fallen or been damaged during storms and high winds. 

Our team are trained and experienced in emergency tree care, health and safety and first aid. 

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Stump Removal

After a tree has been felled, it is sometimes necessary to remove the remaining stump. This is usually carried out by a machine called a stump grinder. 

Reasons we may remove a stump:

1. The stump looks unsightly

2. The stump is getting in the way of future plans i.e garden shed

3. The stump poses a hazard i.e. children playing in the garden.